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Hub of creativity

Colectivo AZUL is a dynamic platform with a multifaceted mission: to unite cultures and people through the power of music while promoting creativity, fostering sonic identity, facilitating integration, and raising ecological awareness. Our signature music creations, the SOUND PROMENADE PROJECTS, reimagine everyday soundscapes as artistic expression. By highlighting the creative potential in everyday sounds, we created a series of performances that encourage people to develop a deeper appreciation for their sonic surroundings. Additionally, Colectivo AZUL offers a wide range of workshops and classes. These opportunities are designed to ignite creativity, inspire collaboration, and help participants discover fresh sounds, ideas, and ways to connect with others. This approach creates a vibrant and inclusive community bonded by a shared passion for music's ability to transform and unite.



45, 60 or 90 minuts of individual percussion or drum set lessons. Our individual lessons offer a tailored experience for musicians of all levels whether you are a professional or amateur musician.


Our percussion group lesson is designed to help you develop your sense of rhythm and pulse. With a focus on diversity, you will gain a greater appreciation of a variety of musical styles and techniques. Our lessons are suitable for all levels, from beginners to the more advanced student. You will explore various percussion instruments, learning how to create unique and captivating rhythms. Join us for an engaging group lesson that will help you unlock your musical creativity


Our masterclasses will have you gain a global perspective on urban environments, develop sound awareness and explore sonic ecology. You will connect with a diverse group of participants and learn practical skills for engaging with your community on urban sustainability. Become an advocate for harmonious urban living.


Our artistic residency provides an immersive experience in inspiring locations. Tailored to your artistic goals, we create a space of encouragement to explore and experiment. Guided by a supportive team of mentors and collaborators, this experience can be tailored for solo or collaborative work options.

Band Performing


Event organization & production

Introducing a comprehensive event production platform designed to provide creative support, bridge connections between artists and events, and promote the rich tapestry of culture and arts. We aim to connect with a diverse community of artists and collaborate with like-minded creatives from various cultural backgrounds.

This platform is dedicated to collaborate with artists and promote the rich environment of culture and arts.


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+358 45 2128990



 Helsinki, FINLAND

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